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Jul 31, , Every week at least six persons die in road accidents in Goa. Road accidents occur due to a complex interplay of various factors such as conduct of drivers, condition of roads, condition of vehicles, environmental conditions, role of other road users such as pedestrians, road furnitures and markings, presence of stray animals, etc. Various stakeholders and agencies have a role to play in the reduction of road accidents.

The most important stakeholder is the road user himself, as a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian.

Voor het vierde jaar hebben de organisatoren weer een aansprekende line-up voor de liefhebbers van de blues in al zijn facetten weten te strikken.

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This drops down to December is one of the busiest months of the year for the resort, which means that accommodation and flight prices will be relatively high. However, if you do choose to visit Goa in December, you’ll need to take light and airy clothing you keep you cool, plus suntan lotion, sunglasses and hats to protect you from the sun.

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Benaulim sunset JULY After our two recent trips to Portugal, I became interested to see what remained of the more than years of the Portuguese occupation of the state of Goa on India’s west coast. So, in mid-July , we set off by car from Bangalore to spend about one week in Goa. We set off at 5. Within an hour we had reached Nellamangala at the edge of the Bangalore conurbation.

We sped up the National Highway towards Hubli in northern Karnataka. The road is good up to Chitradurga, but is under reconstruction between that town and Dharwar, just north of Hubli.

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Copyrighted paper, , all rights reserved, no part should be used or quoted without authors’ permission contact at nandkamat gmail. Many self styled and fake nature lovers, tiger, snake, turtle, frog and bird lovers and foreign funded NGOs have suddenly proliferated in Goa and have managed to keep themselves in media limelight. Unfortunately the full environmental discourse has been hijacked by these brigades and government is dancing to their tunes.

It was original and the longest in the journalistic history of Goa on this subject.

FAMILY FUN. Goa fun, from church to sand. A Goa guide to the best beaches and child-friendly getaways. Plan a resort wedding or trawl our Goa resorts review for the best beds.

Cavendish Press Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A backpacker from Stockport died in India after she and her friend came off a motorbike and fell into the path of an oncoming lorry, an inquest heard. Hannah Whitley, 23, from Bramhall , and Daniel Bulgacs, 39, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, were thrown from the hired vehicle on a sharp left-hand bend on a two-lane country road in Goa on December Fellow Briton Gary Powell was following them at the time on his own cc bike, but lost sight of the pair as he approached the bend.

Stockport Coroners’ Court heard Mr Powell could not see his friends and was knocked unconscious as he could not avoid crashing into the back of the bike. When he recovered, he found Ms Whitley and Mr Bulgacs had died at the scene from blunt trauma injuries. Cavendish Press Mr Powell was unable to say where both were located at the time of impact, the inquest was told. Coroner Chris Morris said Mr Powell’s statement was the best evidence available to the court as a criminal investigation by the Indian authorities into the lorry driver’s alleged rash and negligent driving is ongoing.

The probe could take up to four years to conclude, the court heard. Read More Teenager brutally stabbed in front of children out trick or treating Ms Whitley and Mr Bulgacs met in Goa while on separate Far East breaks, with the pair also meeting Mr Powell, who lives in India for part of the year. The trio went on a ride to an old Portuguese fort, with Ms Whitley riding pillion on Mr Powell’s bike and experienced motorcyclist Mr Bulgacs hiring a similar vehicle.

Cavendish Press However, on the return journey Ms Whitley was on the front of the hire motorbike with Mr Bulgacs ‘most likely’ training her on how to ride.

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